Alphaline 90 MD

Veka Alphaline 90 MD profile system with the 90 mm installation depth features particularly effective energy-saving technology. When it comes to a pleasant room climate, the right windows are decisive. They light up the interior, protect you from wind, weather and noise. Most importantly, they keep the heat where you want it. Modern insulation techniques help you save energy and protect the environment.

  • The 6-chamber technology with 90 mm installation depth fully exploit the insulating properties of air, ensuring superb heat insulation
  • Best thermal insulation of up to Uw = 0,8 W/m2K, depending on the type of glazing, significantly reduces heating costs
  • Profiles 3 mm wall thickness meets the highest Class A (DIN EN 12608) standards
  • Visible surface: 118 mm
  • Possible in white or coloured from both sides or external side
  • Thickness of pane (in the standard combination of sash/outer frame) combined with rounded glazing bead: 44/48 mm
  • Galvanized metal reinforcement in accordance with VEKA reinforcement guidelines guarantee stability and long-lasting functionality
  • Slightly rounded contours give system its classic look
  • High-quality grey or black chamber rubber gaskets – the three-layer centre seal system reliably keeps cold, draughts and damp at bay
  • Optimal stability for long-lasting functionality and value retention
  • Alphaline system is used only for inward opening, fixed windows and balcony doors production